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Savoy Jazz
Catalog Number:
SVY 17693
Release Date:
May 20, 2008

Judy Takes Broadway!


This latest entry in the Savoy Jazz series of CDs recorded from Judy's TV series isn't the long awaited "Judy Takes Broadway" Capitol album that she recorded live on April 25, 1962 at The Manhattan Center, New York City (previously released on CD in 1989 as "Judy Garland - Live!"). No, this release is a compilation of Broadway tunes performed by Judy (and friends) on her 1963/64 TV series. One wonders how Capitol feels about the title swipe.  Odd of Savoy to take that chance. To say nothing of the confusion among the die-hards and possibly portions of the general public, too.  

The main issue with this CD, aside from the misleading title, is that it's so short - being no longer than an LP released in the 1960's. It's really more of a sampler than a definitive overview or anthology of Judy's TV series performances of Broadway tunes. The producers could have easily put more on this disc. The liner notes by Garland historian John Fricke reference the previous Savoy Jazz releases that contain Garland renditions of Broadway songs (i.e. Go out and buy those to make this truly complete). The previously remastered tracks were there for those releases. Regardless of the fact that they would have been "repeats", including them would have given Savoy Jazz the opportunity to release a really unique anthology of Broadway themed Garland performances.

The liner notes also state that "all but one of Garland's solo arrangements" on this CD are those originally arranged by Mort Lindsey for the Manhattan Center event ["Sail Away"; "Get Me To The Church On Time"; "Never Will I Marry"; "Hey, Look Me Over!"; "Some People"; "Joey, Joey, Joey"; "Why Can't I?" & "The Party's Over"]. Mention is made that two more series renditions of his Manhattan Center arrangements are on early Savoy releases (again, go out and get those to make it complete). So, in their attempts to recreate the Manhattan Center event utilizing the series versions, they fall short. There certainly is enough extra space on the CD to accomplish their apparent goal. Luckily, in this digital age days of iTunes and iPods and the like, savvy Garland fans can make their own "complete" "Judy Takes Broadway" to suit their needs - after purchasing the other Savoy Jazz releases along with this one. Speaking of which, it would be cheaper and more price appropriate to purchase these songs digitally on iTunes or Amazon MP3 rather than getting the physical CD, unless you really must have the booklet and jewel case.

The liner notes are well written and aptly describe the CD contents. But calling Mel Torment Judy's "friend" is, is, well, stretching things a bit - to say the least. Mr. Fricke should definitely know better than that, unless Savoy insisted on including "the Velvet Smog."   Yet we get the impression from various discussion groups and the CD credits that John calls all the shots.  But yes, thank goodness they are using the DVD audio for superior sound; at least it certainly seems that way to my ears.

The good news about this CD? The sound quality is much better than the previous Savoy Jazz release (Greatest Hits - Live!), and it is nice having the "Sophie Medley" on CD. This CD is mainly for the hard core Garland fans who (like myself) purchase just about everything out there, regardless of quality or content - and for those who do not have any of the superior Pioneer DVDs of the complete series that all of these performances are on - already in digital format.

All images on this page from the collection of Scott Brogan.

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All tracks are new to CD (in an official non-bootleg release)
Originating show titles are listed just below the song titles.

Song Title
From the show... Time
Sail Away
(Sail Away)
Episode #25, taped March 6, 1964,
aired March 22, 1964

Get Me To The Church On Time
(My Fair Lady)

Episode #14, taped November 30, 1963,
aired December 29, 1963
Sophie Medley - with Steve Allen
- I Love You Today (duet)
- When I'm In Love (duet)
- I'll Show Them All (Judy)
(Sophie - un produced)
Episode #11, taped October 18, 1963,
aired January 5, 1964
Hey, Look Me Over!
Episode #21, taped January 31, 1964,
aired February 16, 1964
Never Will I Marry
Episode #24, taped February 28, 1964,
aired March 15, 1964
Why Can't I?
(Spring Is Here)
Episode #25, taped March 6, 1964,
aired March 22, 1964
Kismet Medley - with Vic Damone
- Night Of My Nights (Vic)
- He's In Love (duet)
- And This Is My Beloved (duet)
Episode #24, taped February 28, 1964,
aired March 15, 1964
Joey, Joey, Joey
(The Most Happy Fella)
Episode #25, taped March 6, 1964,
aired March 22, 1964
Some People
Episode #10, taped October 11, 1963,
aired March 1, 1964
The Party's Over - with Mel Torme
(Bells Are Ringing)
Episode #11, taped October 18, 1963
aired January 5, 1964
Encore: Here's To Us
(Little Me)
Episode #26, taped March 13, 1964,
aired March 29, 1964


Executive Producer: Rob Plotz

Production Coordinator: Dan Marx

Reissue Engineering and Compact Disc Mastering: Paul Reid III

Cover photograph courtesy of: Steve Sanders

Interior photographs courtesy of: Ranse Ransone and Steve Sanders

Special thanks to: Richard Coombs, Patty Fricke, The International Judy Garland Club, Brent Phillips, Ranse Ransone, and Kellen Lindblad

Liner notes by: John Fricke

Art Direction: David Alan Kogut - Northeast Venture Group Inc. (

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