Judy In London
Capitol Records Club
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SBQE 94407
Release Date:
12" 33 1/3 rpm
Out of print
Judy In London


In August of 1960, Judy recorded these tracks for Capitol at their EMI studios in London. These recordings would make up an intended two-record set that would present songs most associated with Judy in stereo for the first time, as well as some songs that were new to her repertoire such as "You Go To My Head", "Chicago", and "I Happen To Like New York".
Judy In London
However, just two months prior, Capitol had released Judy's album "That's Entertainment!", so it was decided to put these "on the shelf" for a future release. Then Carnegie Hall happened in April 1961, and the phenomenal success of that two-record set, plus the fact that many of the songs on that album are duplicated here, pushed this release further back into the vaults.

Six of these recordings were released by Capitol as part of the 1962 single record entitled "The Garland Touch". The rest of the tracks on that album were culled from 1958's "Judy In Love" as well as Judy's recent singles release of "Comes Once In A Lifetime" and "Sweet Danger".

This album, released by the Capitol Records Club in 1972, finally brought all of "The London Sessions" to the public in one release. However, "Capitol Records Club" was meant to compete with the more popular Columbia and RCA Record Clubs, meaning that "Judy In London" ended up being a limited release.

In 1978, Capitol Special Markets re-released "Judy In London" as #SLB-8099 with a different cover. But again that release was limited and short-lived.

1991 saw the premiere CD release of "Judy In London" as "The Best Of The Capitol Masters: The London Sessions" in a single CD release that was also a part of the boxed set "The One And Only". This CD is still available.

This 1972 release of "Judy In London" is one of those two-record sets that presents the song line-up split up as Sides 1 & 4 on Record One, and Sides 2 & 3 on Record Two. This was the format popular at the time, as it allowed the records to be stacked on a stackable record player, and then simply flipped over with everything playing in the order intended.

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One And Only  London Sessions  1978 Issue


Arranged and conducted by Norrie Paramour

Song Title
Recording Date
Record One - Side One
Lucky Day 08-02-1960 3:35
Medley: You Made Me Love You/For Me And My Gal/The Trolley Song 08-05-1960 5:42
Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe 08-05-1960 4:48
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody 08-05-1960 3:10
Stormy Weather 08-02-1960 5:04
Record One - Side Four
Medley: Judy At The Palace/Shine On Harvest Moon/Some Of These Days/My Man/I Don't Care 08-08-1906 6:44
It's A Great Day For The Irish 08-08-1960 2:19
Come Rain Or Come Shine 08-04-1960 3:43
Swanee 08-03-1960 1:50
You'll Never Walk Alone 08-03-1960 4:04
Record Two - Side Two
The Man That Got Away 08-04-1960 4:09
San Francisco 08-04-1960 3:23
I Can't Give You Anything But Love 08-08-1960 4:46
Chicago 08-02-1960 2:31
Do It Again 08-02-1960 4:30
Record Two - Side Three
Over The Rainbow 08-04-1960 3:37
After You've Gone 08-08-1960 2:19
I Happen To Like New York 08-03-1960 2:57
Why Was I Born? 08-03-1960 3:41
You Go To My Head 08-08-1960 3:26


Produced by: Norman Newell

Recorded August 2-9, 1960, EMI Studios, London England

A&R Coordination by: Pete Kline

Album Design by: Jack Purtle

Liner Notes by: Jeremy Nader

Special Thanks to: Norrie Paramor

Orchestra Conducted by: Norrie Paramor

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