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2017 Year in Review features:
Previously Unreleased Recordings
Mike Siewert Auction
Interview with Joe Luft
A Look Back at the 2007 Year in Review

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In 2005 I began publishing a "Year in Review" highlighting all the events, products, and happenings of the previous year in the crazy world of Judy "fandom."

Originally the Year in Review was in a single sheet, full color printed format. I printed a limited number that was mailed out to the first responders to the email notification. A print quality PDF was available for download.

Printing hard copies limited the amount of space available and the flexibility that a digital-only version provided. So, the 2010 edition was done in the digital-only format. This allows me to include an unlimited number of pages, photos, and information for each year and keeps it "green" in that no paper is used. High quality print versions are available for those who want to print their own copies.

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NOTE:  To properly render the media embedded in some of the PDFs, it's best to use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

2014 Year in Review


2014 Year in Reviewitem572015 Year in Review features:


2014 Year in Review
2014 Year in Review features:


2013 Year in Review features:item522014 Year in Review

item322012 Judy Room Year in Reviewitem16
2012 Year in Review features:item34


2011 Year in Review features:item23YearInReview3item13Download it here!


2011 was such a busy year for Garland fans that I made this fun video
featuring the many highlights of the year.

item51Download it here!item182010 Year in Review features:item222010 Judy Room Year in Reviewitem20

There was no Year in

2008 Judy Room Year in Reviewitem282008 Year in Review features:item272007 Judy Room Year in Review


 2016 Judy Room Year in Reviewitem102005 Judy Room Year in Reviewitem252004 Judy Room Year in Review
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2006 Year in Review features:item332004 Year in Review features:item212004 Year in Review features: