20th Anniversary!

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20th Anniversary!
Judy Garland Videos

Here are various
Wizard of Oz related videos, including promotional videos; trailers; TV spots; and more!

This page has quite a few videos, it might take a few minutes to completely load in your browser. All videos should play across formats. However, if you're using an older browser you might only see screenshots without the option to play the clips. I suggest using Google's Chrome browser. It's sleek and easy to use. You can download it here.

Be sure to check out The Judy Room's special Wizard of Oz Spotlight Section. Tons of great information, photos, and much more!

If you're looking for Oz music, The Judy Room's Audio Pages feature Oz-related radio, soundtrack and concert performances that Judy gave over the years, all for download!


1939 Cairo Trailer

1970 Children's Matinee Trailer

1939 Teaser Trailer

1949 Trailer

Alternate Takes, Acapella Choruses...

Another wonderful editing masterpiece from our friend "Lost Vocals" Mark. Thank you Mark!

1949 Reissue Trailer - Adult Version

2004 M&M's Commercial

Ray Bolger's original version of 'If I Only Had A Brain"

Recorded on September 30, 1938, this early version of "If I Only Had A Brain" was eventually replaced by the more upbeat version heard in the film. In this clip, Warner Home Video has added the original, unused outtake dance music to give us an idea of what the number might have ended up sounding like if they had stayed with the more subdued intro.

Original "If I Only Had A Brain" with film footage

Our friend Mark has taken Bolger's original "If I Only Had A Brain" recording and married it with the film. Very interesting!

2005 DVD Ad

2005 DVD Ad - Extended Version

1979 CBS-TV Commercial

1993 Energizer Battery Commercial

2009 General Electric Commercial - 45 Second Version

2009 General Electric Commercial - 30 Second Version

Warner Home Video Anti-Pirating Ad

2009 Fed-Ex Ad

2007 Lexus Ad

1955 Reissue Trailer

2009 Blu-ray Release Trailer

2009 Fathom Events Ad

2009 Blu-ray "Beauty Shot" Ad

1998 Special Edition Trailer