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20th Anniversary!
Judy Garland Timeline

On this day in Judy

DayByDayCover800This original Judy Garland Timeline has been replaced by the "On This Day in Judy Garland's Life and Career" project over at The Judy Room's blog, Judy Garland News & Events.

Every day of the year has an extensive entry detailing what Judy was doing on that day throughout her life (with some notable events that happened after her death in 1969). Every single year of Judy's life is represented as is every single day of the year. Included are audio files, videos, and tons of photos, photo galleries, newspaper articles and clippings, and magazine articles and covers. Plus there are many links to more information both here in The Judy Room and other sites.

Below are a few screenshots that give you an idea of what they are comprised of. The project took a little over a year to complete using Scott Schechter's "Day-by-Day Chronicle of a Legend" book published in 2002 as a jumping off point. Because Schechter's book was published in 2002, I have been able to add to, correct, and the information he provided with the help of detailed online newspaper archives, books, as well as information shared by the greater online Judy Garland fan community.

My thanks to you all for all of the support and help in the completion of this project!


Below are some screenshots of the entry for July 23rd, which is a good example of the various features of each day's page with images, audio, video, and links.


ScreenShot20190723at82107PM ScreenShot20190723at82116PM

ScreenShot20190723at82126PM ScreenShot20190723at82144PM1

ScreenShot20190723at82158PM1 ScreenShot20190723at83143PM

Click here to go to the main "On This Day" page which has links for every day of the year.