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20th Anniversary!
The Pirate on DVD

The Pirate DVD
Release Date: July 24, 2007


The Pirate is a favorite of Garland fans everywhere. It was Judy's first film after taking a break to give birth to Liza Minnelli. It was also her last film with husband Vincente Minnelli directing, and her second of three films with Gene Kelly. Although it's the only Garland film not to make a profit, it did well in urban areas and has enjoyed a cult following in the years since its initial release. Judy gives one of her best comedic performances, and Gene Kelly is swashbuckling personified. "Spirit of '48" Article

The songs are by Cole Porter, including the instant classic "Be A Clown", first marvelously performed in the film by Gene Kelly and The Nicholas Brothers, then by Judy and Gene as the finale. The Pirate is a real treat for the ears and eyes.

DVD Special Features:

New featurette The Pirate: A Musical Treasure Chest
Oscar®-nominated Pete Smith Specialty 1948 MGM comedy short You Can't Win
1947 MGM classic cartoon Cat Fishin'
"Mack the Black" stereo remix version
Audio-outtakes: "Love of My Life" and "Mack the Black"
Roger Edens' guide tracks of "Be a Clown", "Manuela", "Nina", "Voodoo"
and "You Can Do No Wrong"
Promotional radio interviews with Gene Kelly for On the Town
and Judy Garland for
The Pirate
Theatrical trailer

Image at right: Entertainment Weekly "box" focusing on both The Pirate and Words And Music.

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