Judy Garland - Classic Duets
Mint Audio Records
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July 25, 2017
2 hrs, 37 min
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Judy Garland - Classic Duets
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This 2-CD set features not just a great compilation of Judy's film performances, but also several new-to-CD versions of Garland film favorites including some MGM Records album versions, film versions, and stereo versions previously unavailable on CD. This is the compilation that fans of Judy's film soundtracks have been waiting for!

CD premieres and highlights are as follows. More details on each recording and how some of the audio magic of these tracks was accomplished, can be found here:

"Everybody Sing" (Broadway Melody of 1938 - 1937) - This is the edited version as heard in the film, newly remixed from a combination of the film soundtrack and the pre-recording.

"In Between" (Love Finds Andy Hardy - 1938) - This is the premiere release of the remastered film version which is superior to the pre-recording due to the "print through" (echo) effect that mars the pre-recording even though it's in stereo.  The film version is in mono which is this case is superior to the stereo pre-recording.

"Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart" (Listen Darling - 1938) - This is the complete ballad version newly remastered.

"Over The Rainbow" (The Wizard Of Oz - 1939) - This is the film version with the original musical intro presented here for the first time.  An alternate take of that intro has been used on all of the previous Rhino Records CD releases (except "The Story And Songs" CD in which it's partially hidden by extraneous noises due to its being taken directly from the film soundtrack).  Additionally, this version does not have that volume increase on the "where" of the second "somewhere."  That volume jump is a flaw resulting from the shoddy remixing of the song that's included in all of the Rhino CD releases, with the same exception noted above.

"I Cried For You" (Babes In Arms - 1939) - The film soundtrack version was originally released on LP (long playing record) by MGM Records in 1962. The stereo pre-recording that has been issued on CD is not the same as that heard in the film because it is a combination of multiple takes.  The version here is a new mix of the film version culled from a combination of the film soundtrack, the MGM Records version, and the pre-recording.

"Danny Boy" (Little Nellie Kelly - 1940) - This is the version with an alternate lyric that was originally released by MGM Records on LP in 1962, a couple of 1990s CD copies of that LP, and the 1995 laser disc set but not remastered.  Here it's finally remastered.

"Singin' In The Rain" (Little Nellie Kelly - 1940) - Per Richard Moore (the audio engineer for this set):  "This song is a partial pre-recording and a partial live on-set recording (opening verse). This version is a combination of the best versions of both sections."

"In The Valley (Where The Evening Sun Goes Down)" (The Harvey Girls - 1946) - Always a problematic track in terms of audio quality, the song here has been remarkably restored and sounds better than ever.

"You Can Do No Wrong" (The Pirate - 1948) - This is the MGM Records version, which contains a repeat chorus not heard in the film, in stereo for the first time.  Per Richard Moore:  "On closer inspection, the long version was constructed from the shorter by repeating a few sections in a slightly new order – a 1948 version of an extended remix if you like! Some of the edits weren’t exactly subtle, but this new version features an (almost) exact copy of the single but now in stereo for the first time. I say an almost exact copy as, where possible, the edits are a little bit smoother!"

"Better Luck Next Time" (Easter Parade - 1948) - A newly remixed and remastered MGM Records version.

"A Couple Of Swells" (Easter Parade - 1948) - The complete film version finally remastered and sounding great.  To achieve this, Richard Moore used a combination of the playback disc (of the pre-recording), the MGM Records version, and the film soundtrack.  Read his detailed notes (which are fascinating) at:  This was quite the puzzle to put together!  

"(Howdy Neighbor) Happy Harvest" (Summer Stock - 1950) - The film version is the only version that features Judy solo at the very end of the song.  All other versions, including the original MGM Records and Rhino Records versions, used a different mix with the chorus joining in.  The film version has only been on CD once before, the 1990 Sony CD release of songs recorded directly from the film's soundtrack.  Here it's joined with the verse that's not in the film, creating a much better listening experience. 

"Here's What I'm Here For" (A Star Is Born - 1954) - This version has been edited and remixed using both the film soundtrack and the original mono soundtrack album. 

"The Man That Got Away" and "It's A New World" (A Star Is Born - 1954) - Per Richard Moore, "Both of these songs were re-mixed from the three channel source, with "The Man That Got Away" retaining the clean trombone intro originally featured on the mono 1954 soundtrack album. For reasons unknown, the vocal booth Judy Garland sang in (or perhaps more likely an echo chamber) gave the sound the quality of her singing in a tin bath! These new mixes minimize this effect and make the vocal and backing track sound like they belong to each other."

"Gotta Have Me Go With You" (A Star Is Born - 1954) - Here is the album version in stereo for the first time!  Per Richard Moore, "For this version, the three channel music track was used as the basis of the recording, but this only matched the film edit, not the LP. Inserting the missing material would have meant a jarring switch to mono. The next step was to reconstruct the backing track, 99% of which was intact with a short section taken from elsewhere in the song to cover the gap. Laying the mono version into the reconstructed stereo track was still an obvious change in sound. The mono LP mix was then filtered to reduce the backing track but keep the vocal sounding the same as the isolated vocal track. The mono vocal & the stereo backing were then synchronized and re-mixed creating the first release of the effects (and on-set noise) free LP edit in stereo."

More details on each recording and how some of the audio magic of these tracks was accomplished, can be found here:

Note that some of the tracks included, while having been on CD before, have never been properly remastered until now.  Those previous CD releases (most from the 1990s) were poor copies of old MGM records and cassette tapes.  Plus, we have the film versions of performances, again remastered, that have only been available in their extended format via the pre-recording sessions.

All images on this page from the collection of Scott Brogan.


* First time on CD
‡ Reconstruction of the film version utilizing the film soundtrack and pre-recording elements.
† Reconstruction of the original soundtrack version utilizing the film soundtrack and the original soundtrack album.
†† Reconstruction of the film version utilizing an acetate of the pre-recording, the MGM Records LP, and the film soundtrack.

From the film...
Date Recorded
CD 1 - 80 min
Blue Butterfly
(Vitaphone Disc)
November 1929
It's Love I'm After
(Pre-recording Disc)
Summer 1936
Everybody Sing *
(Film Version)
with Sophie Tucker, Barnett Parker, J.D. Jewkes
March 5, 1937
(Dear Mr. Gable) You Made Me Love You
May 7, 1937
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (Outtake)
June 21, 1938
In Between *
(Film Version)
June 24, 1938
Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart
(Unused Ballad Version) (Outtake)
September 16, 1938
Over The Rainbow *
(MGM Pre-recording)
October 7, 1939 &
April 13, 1929 (Orchestral Intro)
I Cried For You
(MGM Records Version)
May 23, 1939
I'm Nobody's Baby
March 14, 1940
Danny Boy *
(MGM Records Version) (Outtake)
September 10, 1940
Singin' In The Rain
September 10, 1940
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
November 13m 1940
Minnie From Trinidad
January 14, 1941
How About You?
with Mickey Rooney
July 18, 1941
For Me And My Gal
with Gene Kelly
March 21, 1942
How 'Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm?
March 27, 1942
But Not For Me
Girl Crazy (1943)
March 29, 1943
Bidin' My Time
with The King's Men
Girl Crazy (1943)
April 14, 1943
The Trolley Song
December 2, 1943
The Boy Next Door
December 4, 1943
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
December 4, 1943
On The Atchison, Topeka, And The Santa Fe
January 8, 1945
CD 2 - 77 min
In The Valley
(Where The Evening Sun Goes Down)
February 16, 1945
Look For The Silver Lining
October 2, 1945
(MGM Records Version)
October 9, 1945
Love Of My Life *
(MGM Records Version)
The Pirate (1948)
May 13, 1947
You Can Do No Wrong
(MGM Records Version)
The Pirate (1948)
May 13, 1947
Be A Clown
with Gene Kelly
The Pirate (1948)
July 14, 1947
I Want To Go Back To Michigan
(Down On The Farm)
November 12, 1947
A Couple Of Swells ††
(Film Version)
November 13, 1947
Better Luck Next Time
(MGM Records Version)
January 7, 1948
I Wish I Were In Love Again
with Mickey Rooney
May 28, 1948
Johnny One Note
September 30, 1948
Last Night When We Were Young (Outtake)
November 16, 1948
Merry Christmas
November 16, 1948
I Don't Care
November 17, 1948
You Can't Get A Man With A Gun (Outtake)
March 25, 1949
If You Feel Like Singing, Sing
October 13, 1949
(Howdy Neighbor) Happy Harvest *
(Film Version)
October 13, 1949
Friendly Star
October 27, 1949
Get Happy
March 15, 1950

Here's What I'm Here For
(Columbia Records Soundtrack Version)

August 21, 1953
Gotta Have Me Go With You *
(Columbia Records Soundtrack Version)
August 22, 1953
The Man That Got Away *
(Columbia Records Soundtrack Version)
September 4, 1953
It's A New World
(Columbia Records Soundtrack Version)
November 23, 1953
The Far Away Part Of Town
Pepe (1960)
April 1960
Little Drops Of Rain
November 1961


Produced by: Richard Moore

Recordings restored and remastered by: Richard Moore at Mint Audio Restoration
( &

Compiled by: Lawrence Schulman and Scott Brogan

Track research by: Lawrence Schulman

Liner Notes by: Scott Brogan

Photos from the collection of: Lawrence Schulman

Thanks to: Alain Falasse, Gary A. Galo, and Kim Lundgreen
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