20th Anniversary!

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20th Anniversary!


Judy Garland at Decca RecordsHere is a variety of Judy Garland performances in audio format. Some are rare, some are not.  Some have been traded around for years by collectors while others have been released on all manner of audio formats (vinyl, tape, compact disc, MP3, etc.).  Just a quick glance at the titles here and it becomes obvious that contrary to popular belief Judy Garland did in fact sing a wide variety of songs in almost all genres.  It also becomes obvious that Judy really did sing almost all the time, and we're the lucky ones who get to enjoy her performances over and over again.

The audio files are split into the four categories noted above:

Concerts - Judy doing what she loved: Performing live, in concert.

Miscellaneous - Studio tracks, television, rehearsals, personal records, and more!

Radio - Rare and delightful recordings of Judy performing on various radio programs.
Judy's radio performances are split into two pages:
Page 1 1935-1949
Page 2 1950-1961

Soundtracks - Pre-recordings, outtakes, rehearsals, MGM Records albums, and more!

Newer additions are noted with New! check back often to see if any new files have been posted.

Last update:  February 12, 2017


Image at top right: Judy in the Decca recording studio, April 1945. Producer David Kapp (brother of Decca Records' American branch founder Jack Kapp) is behind her.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the folks out there who have so generously shared various audio files with The Judy Room - especially those on Facebook. Thank you!