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20th Anniversary!
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the Wizard of Oz 1999 DVD
Release Date: October 19, 1999


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The Wizard of Oz 1999 DVDThe all time classic! Most of the extras from the laser edition of "The Ultimate Oz" are included in the boxed set (see below) as well as the single edition of the DVD (above). The only real difference between the boxed set shown below and this single edition are the lobby cards/photos, script, and fancy packaging.

The laser edition is still easier to move around the alternate audio tracks, but the picture and sound on this edition are far superior - this is a transfer from the newly restored 60th anniversary theatrical release in stereo (mostly) and unbelievable picture.

The photo at the right is the original DVD edition (release March 26, 1997) and taken from the 1993 laser restoration (this edition is not available anymore).

For more information about "The Ultimate Oz" check out it's page over at The Judy Garland Online Discography.

In 2005, Warner Home Video replaced this DVD with their newly restored 3-Disc Special Editon and 2-Disc Special Edition.



The boxed set edition included photo and poster reproductions plus a copy of the continuity script.
The Wizard of Oz 1999 DVD boxed set

L-R: VHS box packagine; VHS edition of the boxed set; VHS clamshell packating

L - R: Original March 26, 1997 DVD release; 1999 German version.


Check out The Judy Room's Wizard of Oz Section!