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20th Anniversary!
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Judy Garland Online Discography

The output of performances that Judy Garland achieved during her career was incredibly immense. She seemed to be performing all the time, and for a while she really was. During her career she mastered every contemporary medium: Stage, Film, Recordings, and Television. Lucky for us an huge amount of these performances have been saved and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The image of Judy in the recording studio links to the Audio Pages, featuring a wide array of downloadable MP3s of Judy's songs and performances.

The Easter Parade Blu-ray image links to, naturally, the pages devoted to the major Garland related DVD and Blu-ray releases.

The picture disc above links to the Judy Garland Online Discography, which is a sub-site to The Judy Room featuring a completely different look. Here you will find the most complete Garland discograplhy ever assembled. Each section of the Discography offers detailed information about Judy's recording career and the recordings, in all formats!

The last image (Judy in her tramp costume) links to the Videos Page, where you can watch various Judy Garland performances as well as other Garland-related videos. As a teaser, below is a video clip of rare footage of Judy performing in Houston, Texas in 1961.