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20th Anniversary!
Love Finds Andy Hardy DVD

MGM When the Lion Roars
Release Date: April 6, 2004


Love Finds Andy Hardy DVD back cover artLove Finds Andy Hardy is the fourth film in the series and finds Andy (Mickey Rooney) frantically trying to juggle two girlfriends (Ann Rutherford and Lana Turner) at the same time. It's the new kid next-door (Judy Garland in the first of three fondly remembered Andy Hardy appearances) who helps Andy out of his jam and sings such delightful songs as "In Between," "It Never Rains But What It Pours" and "Meet the Beat of My Heart."

This is Judy's first of three appearances in the Andy Hardy series. The film is widely considered the best of the Hardy films because of it's effective plot and nicely idealistic portrayal of small town America as we all would like ot think it really was. Judy sings "In Between", "It Never Rains But What It Pours", and "Meet The Beat Of My Heart". The film also stars Ann Rutherford and the up-and-coming starlet Lana Turner.

Love Finds Andy Hardy DVD extra content features include:

New Introduction by Ann Rutherford
Leo Is on the Air radio promo
Andy Hardy trailer gallery with trailers from this and two other films in the series
including a Hardy Family Christmas promotional trailer and Life Begins for Andy Hardy.

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This DVD was included in the seven-disc boxed set "The Judy Garland Signature Collection."

See the detailed press release about this and the other Judy Garland DVDs released on April 6, 2004 (five new-to-DVD releases including the 2-disc special edition DVD premiere of Meet Me In St. Louis).



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