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20th Anniversary!
Greatest Classic Films - Judy Garland

Greatest Classic Legends - Judy Garland
Release Date: March 12, 2013


In 2013, Warner Home Video finally added a Judy Garland collection to their "Greatest Classic Legends" series. It was a long time coming, especially considering how several other legends of the same era already had multiple sets devoted to them.

In 2011 Warner Home Video released a Mickey/Judy set in the same series, but this is the first time Judy is featured as the star. Let's hope it's the first of several, as these sets are perfect introductions to a stars' best films to those who are unfamiliar. Plus they're fun sets for fans as well.

This set features single-disc editions of: The Harvey Girls, For Me And My Gal, Summer Stock, and In the Good Old Summertime. What's nice about this set is that even though the discs are considered to be "bare bones" they feature lots of fun extras, just as the original releases do. All four releases were single disc releases to begin with anyway, so one is not missing any extra disc.

This set was been repackaged and rereleased on May 30, 2017 as part of the Warner Home Video's "Silver Screen Icons" series. Nothing has changed except the artwork.

Original DVDs:

The Harvey Girls on DVDFor Me And My Gal on DVDSummer Stock on DVDIn The Good Old Summertime on DVD

Greatest Classic Legends - Judy Garland