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20th Anniversary!
For Me and My Gal DVD

For Me and My Gal DVD
Release Date: April 6, 2004


For Me And My Gal on DVDJudy and Gene Kelly's first film together, and Gene's film debut, is a delightful look back at the heyday of Vaudeville. Director Busby Berkeley later refered to this film as his favorite of all he directed. And it's no wonder. Judy and Gene are in top form. Judy especially shows why she was the "triple-threat" girl. She acts beautifully, dances wonderfully, and of course sings like a bird. Judy is so good in this film that even some of the (in today's world) more maudlin lines make perfect sense coming from her, and are totally believable.

In my book, this is the best on-film representation of life on the Vaudeville Circuit.

Also released October 12, 2004 as a special "two-fer" budget priced set with In The Good Old Summertime (see below).

For Me and My Gal and In the Good Old Summertime DVDs


La Fiesta de Santa Barbara (1935 MGM short featuring "The Garland Sisters")
Every Sunday (1936 MGM short featuring Judy Garland and Deanna Durbin)
For Me and My Gal Deleted Finale (with stills montage)
Audio Vault :
"Three Cheers for the Yanks" outtake
"Lady Esther Screen Guild Theater Radio Show" from March 22, 1943
"Leo Is on the Air" Radio Promo Theatrical Trailer

August 29, 2006: For Me And My Gal was released as part of the 5-DVD set "Leading Ladies Of The Studio Era", re-packaged in the sturdier, and much preferred, "amaray case" (clamshell) packaging (see below).

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This DVD was included in the seven-disc boxed set "The Judy Garland Signature Collection."

See the detailed press release about this and the other Judy Garland DVDs released on April 6, 2004 (five new-to-DVD releases including the 2-disc special edition DVD premiere of Meet Me In St. Louis).

For Me And My Gal was released in 2006 in this boxed set
Leading Ladies of the Studio Era DVD


Cover art of the 1988 & 1992 VHS editions plus the 2006 "amaray case" edition:
For Me and My Gal VHSitem1 For Me and My Gal VHS item5For Me and My Gal DVD