20th Anniversary!

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20th Anniversary!
Easter Parade on Blu-ray

Easter Parade Blu-ray
Release Date: February 19, 2013



This 65th Anniversary single-disc release is Easter Parade's premiere on Blu-ray. Most of the extras are copied over from the 2005 2-disc in standard definition, but that's fine because the film itself is the main attraction here. The image and sound are better than ever. In fact, the sound is light years ahead of the 1995 Rhino CD release. The final reel of the film has a slight difference in its image composition due to the fact that the Technicolor negative doesn't survive. But even that looks wonderful.

The one new feature is the addition of the deleted "Mr. Monotony" in edited format as a separate chapter in the extras. All the unedited outtake footage is still part of the extras as well.

Special Features:

Audio Commentary by Ava Astaire MacKenzie and John Fricke
On The Avenue, a new "Making of..." documentary with retrospective interviews and rare footage
"Mr. Monotony": Outtake musical number by Judy Garland
"Mr. Monotony": Dailies
Audio only: Fred Astaire interview with MGM's Dick Simmons
Audio only: Fred Astaire & Judy Garland's Screen Guild radio version of Easter Parade from 1951
Theatrical Trailer

The 2005 release also featured the complete PBS Documentary "By Myself." The documentary was advertised as a feature on this Blu-ray release as well. It's listed on the back cover (see image at right). When the discs went out in mid-February 2013, the documentary wasn't there. After fans contacted Warner Home Video, the company hastily mailed out a standard DVD without chapters or even menus, and with the Ann Miller/Peter Lawford disc artwork from the 2005 release. The response was shoddy at best. At the same time, the disc was pulled from circulation via Amazon and other online retailers. To date, there is no word whether the Blu-ray is being revamped or not.

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Easter Parade DVD back cover art


2013 UK Blu-ray Edition - 2005 2-disc Special Edition Standard DVD Edition:
Easter2013UKBlurayitem9Easter Parade Single Disc DVD

2009 "TCM Greatest Classic Films - American Musicals" - 2011 Single Disc Budget Edition - 2005 German Version
Greatest Classic Films - American MusicalsEaster Parade Single Disc DVDEaster Parade German DVD

Previous VHS Editions:
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