20th Anniversary! Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory Volume 2 back of the DVD box

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20th Anniversary!
Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory Volume 3

Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory Volume 2
Release Date: July 24, 2007


Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory Volume 2 back of the DVD boxAlmost all of MGM's biggest musical stars of the Golden Era are featured in Volume 2 of Warner Home Video's "Classic Musicals From The Dream Factory" series: Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Fred Astair, June Allyson, Jane Powell, Mickey Rooney, Lena Horne, Kathryn Grayson, Mario Lanza, and Vera-Ellen. The films in this edition are:

The Pirate on DVDWords and Music DVD

The Pirate (1948)
Words And Music (1948) - link opens a separate page
That's Dancing! (1985)
Classic Musicals Double Feature:
That Midnight Kiss (1949)/The Toast Of New Orleans (1950)
Classic Musicals Double Feature:
Royal Wedding (1951)/The Belle Of New York (1952)

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The other two volumes in the series
Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory Volume 1item6Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory Volume 3

Double Feature: That Midnight Kiss (1949) and The Toast Of New Orleans (1950)
That Midnight Kiss/The Toast of New Orleans DVD
The muscular tenor of Mario Lanza combines with the bright coloratura of Kathryn Grayson in two marvelous musicals. Lanza makes his debut in That Midnight Kiss as a trucker who travels the road to romance and musical success. Pianist JosŽ Iturbi, who helped popularize classical music on film, makes his final movie appearance in this breezy treat. Next, big voices conquer the Big Easy in The Toast of New Orleans, with selections from Verdi, Bizet, the popular "Be My Love" and more. David Niven co-stars in this tale of a haughty diva and the shrimp fisherman whose talent she discovers.

DVD Special Features:

Disc One - That Midnight Kiss
Pete Smith Specialty
1949 MGM comedy short Sports Oddities
1949 MGM classic cartoon Senor Droopy
"One Love of Mine" outtake sequence with Lanza and Grayson
Theatrical trailer
Subtitles: English (feature film only)

Disc Two - The Toast of New Orleans
2006 BBC documentary Mario Lanza: Singing to the Gods
Vintage Fitzpatrick Traveltalk 1940
MGM shorts Modern New Orleans and Old New Orleans
Theatrical trailer

Double Feature: Royal Wedding (1951) and The Belle of New York (1952)
Royal Wedding/The Belle of New York DVD
Fred Astaire slips on his dancing shoes for two magical musicals. In roles loosely based on Fred's career with his sister Adele, he and Jane Powell play siblings whose London stage engagement overlaps Princess Elizabeth's Royal Wedding. Stanley Donen directs this delight which features Astaire's famous dance with a hat rack, as well as his famous dancing on the walls and ceiling to the song "You're All The World To Me". Lovely Jane Powell was given her first "adult" role in this smash hit, in which she introduced the Oscar-nominated Burton Lane/Alan Jay Lerner hit "Too Late Now". On the other side of the pond, Fred and Vera-Ellen star in The Belle of New York. Loosely based on a turn of the century stage play, this 1952 screen treatment is a showcase for sensational songs by Harry Warren and Johnny Mercer, and the incomparable talents of the two stars, all under the inspired direction of Charles Walters. Fred plays a playboy who sings ("I Wanna Be a Dancin' Man"). She's a charity worker likelier to prefer a guy with his feet on the ground until Fred dances her off her feet and into the sky.

DVD Special Features:
Disc One - Royal Wedding
Private Screenings with Stanley Donen [2006 TCM special]
Royal Wedding: June, Judy and Jane - A New Featurette
Car of Tomorrow [1951 MGM cartoon]
Droopy's Double Trouble [1951 MGM cartoon]
"Ev'ry Night at Seven" outtake with Peter Lawford and Jane Powell
Fred Astaire and Jane Powell MGM Promotional Radio Interview for Royal Wedding [audio only]
Theatrical trailer

Disc Two: The Belle of New York
Musiquiz [1952 MGM Pete Smithshort]
Magical Maestro [1952 MGM Tex Avery cartoon]
"I Wanna Be a Dancin' Man" - Unused alternate take
Theatrical trailer

That's Dancing! (1985)
That's Dancing! DVD
Executive producer Gene Kelly hosts this extravagant celebration of dance that features some of his greatest screen work, as well as performances that range from Baryshnikov to break dancing, Fred and Ginger to Shirley Temple and Bojangles, and Busby Berkeley spectaculars to Michael Jackson music videos. Written, produced, and directed by Jack Haley Jr., who performed the same duties creating the legendary That's Entertainment! in 1974, That's Dancing! follows a similar structure. Kelly, joined by co-hosts Ray Bolger, Sammy Davis Jr., Mikhail Baryshnikov and Liza Minnelli, set the stage for clips from the peerless M-G-M musicals, also featuring landmark moments of dance on film from virtually every studio in the industry, adding more fun and glorious surprises. This cinema anthology spanning eight decades of dance has boundless energy, unending artistry and "no shortage of showstoppers" (Entertainment Weekly).

DVD Special Features: Introduction by Gene Kelly and Jack Haley, Jr.
Invitation to Dance
The Search
The Cameras
Roll The Gathering
Theatrical trailer
Subtitles: English (feature film only).