20th Anniversary!

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20th Anniversary!
A Star Is Born DVD

A Star Is Born DVD
Release Date: September 19, 2000



A Star Is Born DVDJudy's greatest film performance! Her great comeback in 1954 after being away from films for 4 years.

Judy was nominated for the Oscar that year, but lost. To this day it is considered the greatest injustice in Academy Awards history. When Judy sings "The Man That Got Away" it is one of the most electrifying moments in screen history. A great film and the best version of this oft-told show business "tragedy."

This is the restored version that was first shown in 1983. The American Film Institute chose this film as the first to be restored in their new restoration efforts. Almost all of the missing film was found, and where there were no visuals (the complete audio soundtrack WAS found), photos were cleverly used to fill the gaps. Several Garland musical numbers that were long thought lost were found and placed back in, where they should have been.

For more detailed information about the film, check out the compreshensive A Star Is Born section here in The Judy Room.

This DVD release includes 3 alternate filmings of "The Man That Got Away" as well as the deleted musical number "When My Sugar Walks Down the Street" plus theatrical trailers of this and the 1937 and 1976 (ick!) versions.



Boxed set edition

L-R below: 1981 VHS edition; 1984 VHS boxed edition (first time the restored version is made available)
A Star is Born 1981 VHSA Star Is Born 1984 VHS

L-R below: Late 80's VHS (slipcase), 2000 VHS edition, 2000 UK VHS edition
A Star Is Born late 80's VHS
A Star Is Born late 80's VHSA Star Is Born late 80's VHS